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Tax Policy in Greece: List of Shame

Greece is currently experiencing anything but good times. In addition to various savings, price increases and the continued threat of national bankruptcy, despite the EU’s rescue package, it now goes to all those at the collar, who paid no taxes in recent years. Last Sunday, the government published in Athens, the so-called “list of shame” that lists the wealthy and prominent personalities who control it with the numbers had not always so.


A total of 170 pages and 4152 full name list, the tax cheats in the pillory. Added together, so close to € 15 billion of tax due the state have been lost. Already on 14 November had set the government at that time the parties shall have ten days to pay the taxes later still, and so fulfill the obligation.

Now inserts the Greek government under Prime Minister Lucas Papademos a harder line. The tax investigators take the tax dodgers now quickly target and already 90 entrepreneurs should be arrested.

Nevertheless, such a list was in Germany for reasons of data protection and the common law criminal to imagine anything but – thankfully, some might say.

The prosecution case against Aachen Motorradklucs seven members of the “Bandidos” raised the age of 24 to 45 years. According to the indictment, the men have been guilty of attempted extortion heavy.

After the prosecutor’s statements in August, the men have threatened the “bouncers” of a club. You want it to be gone about providing even the security forces for the nightclub.

So far, the accused does not supply this information to the point. Only one of the men denied the fact.

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